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Thank you — from every state in the nation, over 5,000 of you from both AHJ and our partners Americans for Financial Reform, made your voice heard to protect our Civil Rights!


HUD and the White House are trying to push through a rule that would make it more difficult to fight discrimination in housing. This would strip the Fair Housing Act of 1968 of its biggest tool for enforcement.

We won't allow it. 

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We need to #DefendCivilRights today. 

Some common ways the Fair Housing Act is violated and the
disparate impact standard is used is by:

 - landlords imposing unfair requirements in their properties

 - gentrification that leads to demolition of properties and eviction of low income families of color

 - neighborhoods that have unaddressed high crime rates and underfunded schools

 - unfair distribution of city services/parks/maintenance

 - zoning rules that keep lower income families out of better funded neighborhoods and communities


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