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Election Statement: Housing in a Biden/Harris Administration

Now it’s time to get to work.

This election outcome was powered by working class Black, Indigenous, women, and people of color who, despite a deadly pandemic, an economic crisis, historic levels of disenfranchisement and voter suppression, took to the streets, the phones, the doors, and to the polls in unprecedented numbers to soundly reject the racist, divisive policies of the current administration. We demand that the incoming Administration and Congress center the needs of these communities, the communities who have been most harmed by not just this administration but by policies that pre-date it.

Until the new administration and Congress is sworn in, we will be fighting for a good-faith transition period that does not inflict more harm, but that follows the law and the traditions of a peaceful transfer of power.

In the last four years, the housing justice movement has grown exponentially in numbers, power, and clarity of vision and purpose. The movement is ready to fight for a housing system that is truly sustainable, healthy, gender and racially just and centered in, for, and by our communities. That starts with a truly comprehensive relief package to address the deep, widespread suffering that people have and are experiencing under COVID-19, along with economic impact the crisis has engendered, including a massive loss of jobs and homes. We need a relief package that cancels rent and mortgage payments, eliminates any pandemic related debt, establishes a fund for community ownership of land and housing and moves quickly to enacting the policies outlined in our Housing Justice National Platform. We know we have to undo the damage caused by the Trump Administration to our fair housing laws and more, but we also know that the housing crisis pre-dates this administration and that deep, systemic changes are what is necessary.

Those that have experienced and fought against the economic devastation of the mass eviction crisis, the loss of lives from the global pandemic, and felt the brunt of police violence know what needs to be done— and are ready to fight for it.

The Alliance for Housing Justice is a coalition of organizations, including: Right to the City Alliance, PolicyLink, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Poverty & Race Research Action Council, and Public Advocates — seeking to align ourselves as legal, advocacy, organizing and policy groups to advance housing justice.


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